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Our Worship
A Time of Celebration

            Worship is not about man – it is all about God!  In worship the church gathers to worship God – to praise Him, to thank Him, to love Him, to obey Him.  The appropriate avenues of worship include:  singing, praying, preaching and communing with our Lord in the Lord’s Supper.  Through these avenues we celebrate what God has done for us.  In worship God is always the audience!

A Time of Edification

            When the church worships collectively each worshiper also experiences fellowship with one another.  As a community of believers we are built up, strengthened, edified, and equipped for greater service.  We enter to worship – we leave to serve!

A Time of Reflection

            Worship affords a special time in the presence of God – a time to think, to pray, to study, to evaluate life, to make new commitments.  Worship with brothers and sisters in the church should always be an encouraging experience that reminds us who we are and who God is – why we are here and where we are going.



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