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Our Vision
The Walnut congregation of the church of Christ has had elders, deacons, ministers and leaders since the 1920’s who, guided by biblical teaching, have tirelessly worked and reached out to expand the borders of the Kingdom of God in Texarkana.  A perception that God’s church was growing, planning to glorify God is every effort to achieve that growth, and an unrelenting perseverance in those efforts in times of peace, war, financial prosperity and a constant vigilance in the Word has resulted in the present stability, strength and permanence, resulting in a positive public reputation in the Four States area.
As good as that has been, that is all “the past;” the present is a congregation wanting to represent God now and in the future as we continue to strive to follow God’s will, increase our impact in this area and look to the future to accomplish more to the glory of God.
We take extremely important Proverbs 29:18 that tell everyone – everywhere – that where there is no vision, the people…people will perish.  The growth and strength of this body of believers is constantly reminded of the vision of its leaders the past 90 years.  The strong foundation, and the building thereon, has resulted in the Walnut congregation being a force for God, not only in Texarkana, but the entire Four States area.  We have been incredibly blessed.
As we look to the future, knowing the foundation that was laid, the path that has been followed and desiring to catch God’s plan in our vision we have committed ourselves to:
1) flourish in our numerical growth;
2) constantly improve and enlarge the ministries we have;
3) encourage the congregation to impact this entire geographical area for Christ; 
4) constantly seek his guidance in all things. 
To live as Christ would have us live is our goal.  To share Christ with all our neighbors is our constant opportunity.
Come, catch the vision with us.
Our cup overflows.


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