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Christian PreSchool
2720 Moores Lane Texarkana, TX 75503 903- 255-7103


Christian Preschool of Texarkana is a licensed Christian service project for children two to five years of age.  The school utilizes the facilities of the Walnut Church of Christ and qualified teachers for the improvement of family life.  Christian Preschool admits students of any race, color, or ethnic origin.
The school endeavors to expose each child to a well-rounded curriculum under the leadership of a loving teacher and through association with children his own age.  We encourage a child to explore the world in which he lives.
Basic Christian attitudes of love, understanding, tolerance, gratitude are “taught and caught” throughout the day.  Each day’s theme is founded on these principles and is interwoven in the various activities.  The thrill of learning through discovery makes intellectual development exciting.  Self-sufficiency is developed by encouraging your child to do everything for himself that he is able to do.


Our curriculum is highly individualized.  Each unit of study considers the child’s stage of development.  Bible stories are the basis for a wholesome, healthy attitude.

*Social studies provide many experiences to assist your child in understanding himself, others, the world around him, and God’s love for all.

*Music and rhythm give time for creativity, self-expression and release of emotions.  Confidence is gained through singing with the group.

*Art activities provide enjoyment of and appreciation for the various art mediums and help the child to appreciate the beauty around him.

*Language experiences guide your child in verbal expression, appreciation of books, and the development of word concepts.

*Math begins by an awareness of numbers and recognition of basic geometric shapes developed through songs, games, and planned play equipment.

*Science is learned by exploration, discovery, and the development of an awareness of the physical properties of the creation around the child.

*The home center and role playing help the child further his own identity and learn responsibility.

*Gross motor skills are developed through block building, rhythmic games, and outdoor activities.



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